For more details, check out our web site: We take a quick, side-by-side look at the Android L beta and Windows Phone 8.1.

25 Responses to “Android L vs Windows Phone 8.1: First Look”

  • Savos Aren says:

    Chrome is great…. On desktop. However, it’s a buggy slow mess on mobile.
    Sorry, but please don’t suggest chrome to people for an optimal browsing
    experience. It’s worse on iOS, but that’s only because of iOS limitation of

  • Zoopong says:

    Which phone is he using on Win 8.1? Does anyone know?

  • ByRTD yO says:

    Android sucks. Windows takes it.

  • Selena Horde says:

    I never had a windows phone. I always kept with either Android or iPhone.
    Should I give the windows phone a chance? I’m really into apps, so I don’t
    think this will work for me. 

  • J.M. Martinson says:

    I don’t care about the app difference. Windows Phone 8.1 is a superior
    mobile OS. Not to mention, Google creeps me out these days. Their business
    model is almost entirely ads. I’m more than happy to buy a phone using a
    proprietary OS to un-fleece myself from Google’s increasingly *creepy*
    business practices. I also don’t like how they *coerce* you into
    participating in their products and services. If you sign up for a Google
    service, you are essentially signing up for all of them. I’d rather pay
    Microsoft for software as needed, because they are a software company, not
    an ad company.

  • Isaiah Hughes says:

    Windows phone will always be the underdog

  • innFahr Two says:

    Two things that the presenter made mistakes with, clearly not a WP8.1 user.
    1) The Messaging hub on WP8.1 handles SMS and IM messaging from Facebook
    (if you have already signed into your facebook account.

    2) Internet Explorer also syncs with internet explorer on PC.

    and there are other things (minor) that he never mentioned.
    Tip right it down before you make the video.

  • Fruitarian says:

    google camera is still much better than nokia

  • Alan Shannon says:

    I love the look of Android L, it is really pretty. I like Windows Phone too
    but when you look at the LiveTiles there is way too much going on! You said
    that almost all the space is used… I wouldn’t consider that a good thing!
    Anyway great comparison :) 

  • egwpisteuw says:

    Does anyone know when Windows Phone 8.1 will be released? I like my Windows
    Phone but there are still some bugs (e.g., you can’t download media
    files–you have to stream them which means that you can’t use any other
    feature on the phone or the file has to start playing from the
    beginning–very annoying). I think all the bugs are fixed in 8.1 but the
    release date keeps getting pushed further out.

  • Shamur Stewart says:

    Quite honestly I do like Windows Phone but it’s a shame they’re still
    playing catch up. Wallpapers are just now being implemented…really? Quite
    honestly in customization, Windows Phone is even more simple than iOS. The
    Metro UI and Live Tiles are pretty but that’s pretty much it. Not much
    functionality past that except seeing numbers or pictures. Windows Phone 7
    amazed me, but Windows Phone 8.1 is a big disappointment. 

  • Shahroz Zahid says:

    windows phone never laggs like android 

  • manco82 says:

    Microsoft’s Action Center is barely functional. Every single notification
    has it’s own item instead of properly grouping like Android L does. Also no
    interactive notifications. Also the quick toggles only have 4 slots, they
    should expand to 8.

  • Farmaan Ali says:

    I Personally find the tiles hideous and too busy looking. And even though
    windows is trying to catch up and Android I think will always be ahead with
    its own features

  • Sohail Khan says:


  • hyylo says:

    love nokia phones but windows need to change the interface. the square
    boxes are horrible. at least allow me to put a wallpaper on the screen and
    remove some of those horrible tiles/boxes

  • Dave Checkley says:

    People who hate iOS or android or windows need to gtfo, they are all
    superb, I’ve had 6 android phones and 2 tablets, I’ve also had two iPhones
    including the awesome ip6 :) . I think they are all great, I loved my nexus
    4 and 5 and I loved my ip5 And my 6, I want to try a windows 8.1 phone!
    Which is the best?! I’ve heard it’s the lumia 930??

  • Mirime95 says:

    I prefer Windows Phone!

  • romie jay eque says:

    I dont understand why people say Windows Phone UI is beautiful? what the

  • Chris Crump says:

    If you try to compare WP to Android. You are a complete dumb ass. This
    whole controversy is between iOS and Android. WP doesn’t even deserve a
    spot in this argument. Its still an amateur OS and even Microsoft can
    agree. Its not ready for comparison right now, maybe in 3-5 years we will

  • Thomas Schiller says:

    I can t help it… mick(olai)s horrible russian Accent reminds me always
    and every second of a bulgarian gypsy stolen goods handler and mugger!
    Come on man… take some further english lessons. It is a real TORTURE to
    listen to you rolling the “R” .

  • keLoh Marasigan says:

    if you want to be a unique and you want a unique phone then go for windows
    phone, the android look and stye are now common ..

  • Megatron says:

    As an avid android follower I really like Windows phone and where they’re
    going with it but it seems most of their customer base is bunch of
    kids..just dont read the comments below. 

  • AbDuL HaSeeB says:

    everybody hates Live tiles in Windows phone.. why they don’t change that

  • AwsomeSackBoy says:

    Are windows phones good? Because I wanna buy the Nokia Lumia 520 at my
    Walmart it only cost $50 and I wanna mess with and see how different the OS
    is from apple and android (I’ve had both BTW).

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