With the new release of the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. Everyone expected something magical with iOS7. But Apple decided to once again play it safe. There i…

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  • Anthony Canela says:

    You can do most of these things if you jailbreak your iphone 5

  • Shavuel Wale says:

    I’m gonna DESTROY my iPhone AND Drooooooiiidd. Then, I’m gonna purchase the
    best Android on the market, somebody please tell me. What is the best
    Android device on the market?

  • Jendhamuni Sos says:

    *100 Things iPhone 5S – 5C Can’t do Android Phones Can*

  • Talhah Chaudri says:

    Hear that? It’s the sound of Apple fan-boy rage.

  • mason myers says:

    Are you stupid

  • Ronald Rhodes says:

    To be honest, I care less about 90% of the things these devices can do
    while Apple’s can’t, it’s neat, don’t get me wrong, but it’s useless. Who
    needs to have this extra stuff, right? All it would do is get me

  • DukeNukem2020 says:

    You know you’re just listing crap that had no effect on my life. 

  • veronika piro says:

    honestly like why do people fight over wich is better iphone or android
    like a phone was ,made for calling they both can call i personnaly like
    android better and i have used apple but i was in love with it but there
    were momments where i still kinda liked android more and its just mabye
    because ive used android more but its just the way I like it 

  • Nick Frod says:

    NFS it’s called AirDrop fucking idiot learn apple before you talk shit

  • josh henderson says:

    Jailbreak mate

  • RCBuXDeaf says:

    but apple only 1 team Apple Android is gay Many Team
    Xperia,Samsung,HTC,Android and LG. is fuck Copy android are suck shit

  • Cool Christian says:

    2:04 Where can that picture you beamed be downloaded from?

  • hugg567 says:

    Wow, I’ve been using IOS for 5 years, and it’s nothing compared to android.
    I didn’t even know you could do these things with a smartphone. Honestly,
    I’m tired of Apple locking me in to their software; it’s plain and boring,
    and their phones are outdated. I’m getting the Note 4.

  • RedXGaming says:

    basically apple phones are for plain boring people who dont give a shit
    about the custimazation and just do the normal stuff
    android users who love making their phone look awesome and making it better
    and make it more personal and with rooting (it is different to jaikbraking
    and better) make it the best phone ever with overlocking it or advanced
    battery life so basically android is for people who are nerds i guess kind
    of because android gives you so much stuff unlike apple its plain boring

  • Zach Grant says:

    101. iOS user’s can’t eat KitKat’s anymore.

  • Leo Mendoza says:

    Wtf’s up with KitKat’s? Those are my favorite bars, that got nothing to do
    with Apple. And still, you can say all what you want but deep inside you
    know that iPhone’s are just for cool people.

  • AnimeFan says:

    The Nexus 6 with Android L is going to make the “new” iPhone 6 and 6+ look
    like ancient artifacts, LMAO.

  • QuantumXD says:

    I can do Almost Anything that Android can do With My Jailbroken IPhone 5s 

  • adamcar00 says:

    All of this you can do with Jailbreak, Also. Lets face it. Apples Interface
    is really user friendly and neat, Unlike the Android Interface. You can get
    lost in it really quickly

    1. App integration with Operating System – Jailbreak
    2. Can’t set default apps – Jailbreak
    3. No NFC capabilities – Airdrop
    4. Google Now (with card notifcations) – The hell we have siri
    5. True HD resolution – This is sort of true. The iPhone does look
    Beautiful Though.
    6. Widgets – Jailbreak
    7. Dual User – You can lock apps and you don’t need user.
    8. Replaceable keyboards (Swipe, etc) – This is useless. Dont even talk
    about bloatware on iPhones when you mention this.
    9. Photosphere (panorama) – without the use of a third party app
    10. USB host – Again, Useless unless your business
    A. Transfer media to and from an external SD card
    B. Watch streaming video or listen to streaming audio from external SD.
    C. Control a Dslr without root.
    11. Use a bluetooth mouse – You can do this without jailbreak.
    12. Floating window apps for desktop like multitasking – Useless
    13. Switchable launchers – Useless, Bloatware
    14. Apps that allow gesture based control – Apple can do this
    15. Adblock – Cydia and VShare
    16. Data usage monitor. App usage, Set warning and maximum – Yes, You can
    do this in iPhone.
    17. Battery usage monitor. What apps are using up power – iPhone can do
    this -.-
    18. Many system monitors like wakelock – Bloatware and Useless
    19. VPN Proxy for privacy bypassing country restrictions (Tunnelbear) – You
    can do this with iPhone
    20. security apps like Cerberus and . Anti-theft, discreetly take a picture
    of the thief, see what they’re up to (Cerberus) like prey on mac. – This is
    just apps. They could do this on iOS too.
    21. Launcher shortcuts for apps e.g. evernote, not just bookmark shortcuts
    - what
    22. Turn the phone into a server: phone to become a DLNA, DNS, Email, FTP,
    IRC, Proxy, SMB, SMS, SSH, Web, WebDAV, XMPP server (Servers Ultimate) –
    Might as well just use a PC to host the server. If you do this with an
    android you wont even be able to use this because its going to eventually
    use up all the RAM.
    23. Android can run on many other devices: USB stick computers, laptops
    (HP, Asus, Acer), cameras, TV set top, google glass, smartwatch, consoles,
    televisions – So can iOS
    24. Run Ubuntu – Why?
    25. Run various emulators – Jailbreak
    26. Run system maintenance tools like cache cleaner, Automatically cleanup
    all app related files once an app is uninstalled (CCleaner) – App Store
    27. Change profiles based on situation and location – Another way for the
    goverment to stalk you.
    28. Change desktop based on situation. – See above
    29. Rhe ability to backup apps and restore them in case you upgraded to a
    faulty version – Rhe? Did you type this with an android?
    30. Bluetooth transfer to and from different devices not just from android
    devices. – Apple can do this
    31. Ability to send BT signals as serial port to be accessed by another
    device. – Apple can do this
    32. Ability to assign commands to the phone when the phone’s state is
    detected eg. light level, magnetic field, orientation, proximity sensors,
    etc. – Apple can do this. With an app ;)
    33. Able to change file extensions without the need to import the file into
    an app because of a true file system. – Unless your a leet hacker, You wont
    need this. This will just increase chances of corruption
    34. Seamlessly pair and use an external GPS device with an android phone. –
    The definition of “Seamless” is different for everyone else
    35. Allow apps to specify download location and not just in the same app
    container. This means you can copy a file once, such as a pdf, and open it
    with different apps. – Buy a PC.
    36. No removable storage – Take it apart and remove the storage.
    37. No replaceable battery – Take it apart and remove the battery
    38. Use the device as usb storage without iTunes. Windows only see it as
    read only. – Use iFunBox
    39. Allow multiple Gmail accounts on one device – Mail app
    40. Flash Custom ROM’s – No need root if you buy an Oppo Phone. – The hell
    is an oppo?
    41. Smart app protector – You can password protect specific apps. (ios has
    my secret folder but does not work for apps. ios needs to be jailbroken for
    this to work.) – Not really. You can download other apps that can do this.
    42. AIDE – integrated application development. Develop apps directly from
    your android device. – It is not as powerful as the APK(Apple dev kit)
    43. Disable background data per app when on mobile networks. – Everyone has
    unlimited data nowadays
    44. Support 6 different ways to unlock screen, including no lock – Useless
    45. Miracast – What
    46. DLNA – What
    47. Find out in detail how your storage is used – apps like disk usage -iOS
    can do this
    49. Change system wide font size – Unless your hellen keller you should be
    able to see the iOS font just fine
    50. Almost always have the same app available on phone and tablet – So can
    like, Every other phone in the world?
    51. Integrated FM Radio (HTC One, Oppo R819, Others) – Useless, Just use
    pandora. Nobody listens to the radio anymore
    52. The Ability to change icons system wide – Several apps can do this.
    53. Face Unlock – Why?
    54. Multi Picture Wallpaper – Why?
    55. Ability to hide apps (NO ROOT REQUIRED EITHER) – Why?
    56. Run Flash Websites – You got me on that one.
    57. Voice Control Anything (using Voice/Tasker) – Why? Half the time its
    not correct.
    58. Control Televisions (IR Blaster) – Useless
    59. Air Gestures (Samsung) – Useless?
    60. Google Wallet – Apple pay
    61. Be able to download any files onto your phone – Press and hold
    62. Make geeks happy (intangible) – I’m a programmer and I dislike Android.
    63. Can’t theme your phone, all iPhone’s look the same. No personality –
    64. Choice of features – Definition of “Choice of features?”
    65. Boom Sound or Dual Front Facing Speakers (HTC) – Why? Are you hosting a
    party? Get subwoofers.
    66. Thermometer – Why?
    67. Barometer – Why?
    68. Back button. Without it, switching to the previous app requires two
    actions – Why?
    69. No Porn Apps – Safari, Why need an app. Hell? Why would you want it?
    This is biased
    70. WiFi direct – ?
    71. No Wireless Charging – Wireless charging is actually less effective.
    72. Always Listening (Moto X / AutoVoice) – NSA
    73. Launch apps from a dock like on Mac os (dock4droid). This will confuse
    the fanboys because it is an Apple feature that is not on ios – NSA
    74. Install caffeine like the very popular Mac utility – ???
    75. Swipestarter – most efficient launcher – Something like this comes with
    the iPhone
    76. Gesture search – Activator.
    77. Anticipatory computing ** See the end of this post
    78. Dynamically change your home screen – one home screen for work, and one
    for play – Useless
    79. Customize LED notifications – Useless
    80. Connect to your lan workgroup, copy files back and forth. No need for
    iTunes – Again, Airdrop.
    81. Stream movies, music from your shared drives – Why?
    82. The largest developer support (XDA, Rootzwiki, Etc) – Largest developer
    support – ADK and Cydia and vShare and tongbu
    83. Choose from a dizzying array of form factors and hardware. Different
    screen sizes. Ruggedized phones. Different price points. – Its like saying
    mac, pc or linux, Opinion based.
    84. Can’t set mobile data limits (why they overpay) – iOS
    85. HDMI output – Useless, Why not just buy a laptop
    86. No 15 Minute grace period for apps. once you buy in iOS you’re stuck. –
    Most apps come with a lite version
    87. Install apps to your mobile device directly from the web play store. –
    App store can do this.
    88. Voice Actions on Home Automation – No.
    89. Boot into Safe mode – hold down volume and home button.
    90. Disable background processes on startup without root. – There wont be
    background processes on startup.
    91. Batch modify/move/copy files from one directory to the other. –
    Folders. Doing this with the root files may corrupt the system
    92. Easily switch from one browser to another (flashify) without copying
    and pasting. – Why would you have to switch?
    93. Backup files locally with any version available not just the present
    and previous ones. Eg. I have 10 different versions of Google maps and I
    can roll back to any of them. – Why the fuck would you need 10 versions of
    google maps?
    94. Control lock screen when a bluetooth signature is detected. Eg. Pebble
    locker. Can also activate any profiles upon detection. – Useless
    95. Perform tasks depending on magnetic field strength. This is
    particularly effective to mimic an NFC feature. Eg. Open an app (car mode
    ultra) by reading and sticking a magnetic strip on a car mount. – Just
    great.. Just fucking great.
    96. Make your own Siri. Autovoice + Tasker – Apps
    97 Run shell Scripts – Brick your phone instantly!
    98. Use phone as external GPS for android tablet that doesn’t have a GPS. –
    Every phone nowadays has GPS
    99. Extract apks so no need to re-download from the internet. Just are
    reinstall from a windows network share or SD card. – vShare, Tongbu, .ipk
    100. Ability to control other Android devices (AutoRemote). – Teamviewer
    101. iOS user’s can’t eat KitKat’s anymore. – Apples are healthier

    Bruh this list is biased af.
    Plus , You can revert from jailbreak. Unlike root. Cyanogen mod is a huge
    risk too.


    3:26 iphone can do it you faggot

  • Zoe Trent says:

    thats why i buy an android insead an iphone

  • AceXintense says:

    Dose anyone here understand Simplicity? if so iPhone is for you! if you
    need Complex UI and All these features that are not needed go android i
    like both but iPhone is what i go with PS im a game developer so tech savy
    isnt a argument!

  • Alex Hostettler says:

    IOS 8 fixes a bunch of the things mentionned, and btw, who gets updates
    longer? Oh yeah, iPhone. Can an android phone from 2011 get an android
    version from 2014 from the manufacturer? no

  • Nizar Nemer says:

    Tell me which is worse now, iPhone 4 or Galaxy S2? Of course the S2, iPhone
    never gets old, & it’s always fast & has no annoying errors, unlike

  • Tristan Gauci says:

    Wow. Most of these are now available on iOS.
    The ones that aren’t are just about all available with a simple one click
    Some are just plain stupid and some are genuinely wrong.
    There’s around 3 remaining, and two of those I couldn’t care less about.

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