As 2015 approaches,the next generation of smartphones are beginning to emerge. What will be the 10 must have smartphones of 2015? If you like my work and wou…

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  • craqqer says:

    How about a smart phone that has a good battery life. Thats what I want
    more than anything right now 

  • FuZionSniperzZ says:

    There will be no 4k I’m guessing, it isn’t needed. You can’t distinguish
    pixels on 1080 and I still find it hard on 720

  • thedreadedzero says:

    Um the 5.5 inch iphone is already out…

  • Roborav says:

    Who the hell wants a foldable phone? You at least want something which
    feels nice and fits in you’re hand and pocket. Foldable phones will be
    nothing more but disposable or emergency phones in the long run and will
    just be in a small corner of the market. The one thing they should make is
    faster charging batteries say 20 minutes or even less and you’re phone
    charges fully now that would be awesome.

  • White Dragon says:

    Windows XP: Great!

    Windows Vista: Shit!

    Windows 7: Great!

    Windows 8: Shit!

    Windows 9: Great?

  • d0nj03 says:

    I wish you were right about Project Ara, but I think you have no indication
    that anything like that is coming out in 2015 and you just mentioned it
    because it’s uber-cool.

  • Abhay Bhuva says:

    10 must have smartphones coming in 2015

  • brutalbrital says:

    I have an idea, read a book …smart phones =stupid people

  • Sloppy_GamerHD says:

    why would you want a flexible phone? and if a holo-graphic phone is real
    its going to be dangerous mostly because people can cause alot of damage
    too people by playing pranks and such like that for instance you could put
    a person in the middle of the road as a truck is driving in the road. A
    transparent phone would be crap mostly because if your in a really sunny
    place you would not be able to see what is going on, on your phone. Also if
    they do release a fold able phone you would pick it up and it would just
    droop down xD. and please don’t b mean to me im just trying to make a point
    but great video! ;) 

  • John Trolovinski says:

    WOAH! The hologram one will take porn to a whole new level! :D 

  • Waldo Simpson says:

    apple already made an ultra flexible phone, capable of 90 deg. bends, tho i
    don’t think it was intentional

  • TheBronyGamers says:

    I’m afraid to inform that Windows 9 does not exist. BUT there is a Windows
    10 being worked on. how do i know? I’m a developer so i actually have
    Windows 10 on my laptop right now

  • Tobias SN says:

    1. Its Windows 10 not Windows 9
    2. Iphone 6 is already realesed

    3. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Min has a 4K camera

  • GalaxyHer0 says:

    “10 Must have Smartphones coming in 2015″

    - Which average guy would buy 10 Smartphones in a fucking year?

  • honder says:

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  • BSwarm says:

    I’m 10,000 sub!!

  • Tek Solstice says:

    The first Apple Product classified as a Tablet? You’re fucking stupid… I
    guess the iPad doesn’t exist. Dumbass.

  • VOLKNER 117 says:

    i think I’ll switch to the windows 9 phone instead of going to the iphone 6

  • Willi Gari says:

    I believe my G3 has a QHD display (and looks great now that it’s been
    updated to Android L!)

  • 長谷川ーさん。 says:

    I’m still happy with my iPhone 5 but Google’s Project Ara looks really

  • jr Baloy says:

    Saygus V2 now being sold online for pre-order…

    Screen 5” 1920 x 1080 display (445 ppi) Full HD
    Sunlight Viewable Screen* Edge-to-edge Borderless Screen*
    Front and Back Light Sensors – for enhanced screen lighting control
    Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4
    Size 67 x 137 x 9.7mm
    Weight Approx. 5 ounces (141g)
    Cameras 21 MP Rear Facing with Optical Image Stabilization*, Auto Focus,
    and Dual LED Flash
    13 MP Front Facing with Optical Image Stabilization* and Auto Focus
    Hardware Camera Shutter Button
    Memory 3GB RAM
    64GB Onboard Flash Storage
    Dual MicroSDXC Slots (256GB expandable storage)*
    Processor 2.5Ghz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon™
    OS Android 4.4.4 (KitKat)
    Sensors GPS, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Compass, Proximity, Ambient Light
    Networks World Phone: GSM/CDMA/LTE
    Fractal Antenna Technology*
    Wireless Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G) 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
    NFC (Android Beam)
    Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
    60GHz Wireless Gaming and Mobile Beaming*
    IR Transmitter (TV/Stereo Remote Control)
    Ports micro-USB 2.0/3.0 – Device, Host, OTG and MHL (HDMI)
    3.5mm Stereo Audio and Microphone Jack
    Biometric Fingerprint Side Scanner*
    Audio Built-in Stereo Speakers
    Harman Kardon Sound Technology w/ 3D Audio* for videoHarman Kardon Speakers
    and Mics*
    3 Microphones
    Noise Cancelling Cypher Sound Technology*
    Power 3100 mAh Removable Battery
    Wireless Qi Charging Built-inPower Saving Chip – 50% Improved Battery Life*
    Other New-to-market Waterproofing Technology* – IPX7 Rating
    Armored Online Mobile Security*
    Root Access Available (“developer phone”)
    Multi-Boot (supports booting from MicroSD card)*
    * Exclusive V² Feature

  • Nicholas Tompkins says:

    Or you could buy an apple which will have actual useful improvements!

  • Frosty Reco™ says:

    Muched Loved windows 8? BITCH PLEASE

  • The Senior List says:

    It will be very interesting to see how far windows comes along in the next
    couple years. Also, curved form-factors will be fun to watch… As will
    wearable accessories. Lots of crazy innovations are right around the
    corner (and we get to experience it). Isn’t life fun!

  • joshua strama says:

    Did anyone else see this video because of the picture 

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